Lee Stites Testimonial

One of the unfortunate corollaries of aging is that exercise, fitness and flexibility are much harder to maintain. As someone who cared for elderly parents, I am acutely aware of how much overall fitness affects a person as he or she ages.

Research has shown that maintaining a good fitness level greatly promotes overall health as well as mental awareness as we age. Some research has even shown that regular exercise can delay or slow the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

While there are many forms of exercise, few offer the completeness of yoga. Combining flexibility with strength and balance training creates a platform for any activity. Add in some cardio training and you have a complete workout routine that should support you well into your later years.

These were the conclusions that led my wife and I to search for a yoga instructor who could help us achieve the fitness level we sought and provide a strong basis for a continuing practice that would help us to maintain that level.

This is what led us to Sweta Saraogi. Her practice brings the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga into your own home. We feel that the blend of one-on-one instruction and attention to our needs provides the perfect combination of coaching and coercion—yes sometimes we need to be made to do our “homework.”

Sweta provides all the required equipment, the mats, straps and other devices she uses to aid you in achieving the correct pose. This makes it easy to start as well as providing insight into which props will work best for you. There is simply no easier way to begin yoga.

And the in-home sessions make it less stressful for those of us who do not start out with a high degree of flexibility and who are not familiar with yoga. I would not have been as comfortable pursuing this in a large class setting. And while my wife had practiced yoga in the past, she also feels that having Sweta as a personal instructor has helped her better understand the poses and the spiritual aspects behind them.

We highly recommend anyone who wants to practice yoga to try some sessions with Sweta. It is a practice and relationship that we hope to continue for many years.

– Lee Stites

Lee Stites

Lee Stites Testimonial