Braiden Rex-Johnson Testimonial

Like many people at the turn of the New Year, I resolved to do something kind for both mind and body.

So, even though I had never struck a yoga pose, I contacted Sweta Saraogi, after having read an article about her unique yoga practice in The Seattle Times.

What I liked about her philosophy is that she believes in the “real” thing. . .not “hot,” or “Pilates yoga,” or “power yoga,” but the type of yoga that real Indian people practice in their home country.

Our initial email exchanges were cordial, and she came to our downtown condo once a week for three months. I know that, as a “50-something” woman with neck and balance issues, I was quite a challenging student.

But Sweta did an initial session to gauge my body and its capabilities, and was very patient and encouraging as we moved forward.

Every week she would come with blocks and bolsters, straps, and even a folding chair (!), and we would practice a wide assortment of poses together.

She would read from various Indian scriptures, opening my mind to a new way of looking at life, and the many lessons to learn.

Sweta taught me about yogic breathing and being mindful. Our sessions never seemed quite long enough!

I am very pleased to have met Sweta and had the privilege of studying yoga with her.

– Braiden Rex-Johnson

Braiden Rex-Johnson

Braiden Rex-Johnson Testimonial